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What is Energy Dust?

Energy Dust is a powdered edible energy supplement that doesn't require mixing with liquid.  You simply eat the powder straight from the package. An energy supplement alternative to pounding down oil cans of energy drinks or mixing with a bottle of water to get a vitalizing boost.  All Nite Energy Dust is quick, easy, & tastes good.  You can throw one in your pocket for whenever you need it and not worry about keeping it cold, or taking it on an airplane. It takes seconds to down and be on your way with a boost of energy to do whatever you need to.


How did it come about?

  The idea came about from drinking energy drinks to stay up for work, but I found that the big cans they come in often had me having to stop for bathroom breaks.  This was counter productive to the reason I was using them. When I was trying to stay up working late, or driving through the night, here I was making pit stops at the restroom eating up valuable time that I was trying to make use of. 

  In developing the product, I realized besides caffeine, these energy drinks offered very little in terms of health value, (vitamins &  minerals).  Which led us to making sure we formulated a recipe that both gave the quick boost from caffeine and real cane sugar, but also the long term endurance from daily amounts of vitamins and minerals that often as working people we go without.


All Nite Energy Dust was born!


Is it safe?

This is always a concern with what we put in our bodies.  Here we are killing ourselves at our job, and putting in extra hours, we dont need anything else working against us either.  So I thought about it, and what I wanted to do was give that instant energy boost from caffeine that we crave, as well as lasting effect through essential vitamins and minerals.  In doing so Energy Dust has energy, endurance and immunity benefits.

One All Nite Energy Dust packet gives you the following

100% Daily Value of Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

2000% Daily Value of Vitamin B6

100% Daily Value of Biotin (vitamin B7)

20,000% Daily Value of Vitamin B12

100% Daily Value of Vitamin C

2% Daily Value of Calcium

125% Daily Value of Vitamin D

2% Daily Value of Phosphorus

100% Daily Value of Zinc

as well as Amino Acids with various health benefits.*


Where can I try it?

 Right now you can try All Nite Energy Dust with 2 free samples by mail, when you Venmo $1 for shipping and handling, @AllNiteEnergy  be sure to include your address in the memo, our account is set to private so your address will not be public.  


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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