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What is Energy Dust?

  Energy Dust is a powdered edible energy supplement that doesn't require mixing with liquid.  You eat the powder straight from the package.  

 All Nite Energy Dust is the result of a 10 year research and development process to find a new solution for caffeine intake to keep going late into the night.  

Whether working the late shift or trying to last to the after hours party, conventional energy supplements just didn't hit right. Big cans of energy drinks left us using the bathroom more with the extra time we stayed awake.  The little bottles seemed wasteful and were a pain to carry around, and the mix packets ruined a good bottle of water with a drink I didn't like.  So why couldn't we forego all the nonsense, and just get a quick caffeine boost, and our daily vitamins for some benefit all in one quick blast supplement and be done.  

Enter Energy Dust!  A 4.1 gram powder supplement you eat; NOT A DRINK MIX.  You get your caffeine boost, only 3 grams of REAL Cane sugar, and a dose of immunity boosting vitamins and minerals to get you through the day or stay up All Nite.   The powder delivers immediate results, without having to drink a large beverage.  The package is light, 4.1 grams; small at 5.1 inches (technically average); and environmentally friendly foil, so less waste.

  So if you need to stay up for work or to party; Trust the Dust! All Nite Energy Dust.

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